Protect, Seal and DeliverTM

Our innovative sealing solutions maintain product integrity and prevent leaks.

Selig Group Announces Acquisition of MGJ
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Protect, Seal and DeliverTM

Our innovative sealing solutions maintain product integrity and prevent leaks.

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Lift 'n' PeelTM

Lift 'n' PeelTM has earned the trust and approval of both consumers and packaging industry specialists alike.  Consumers agree Lift 'n' PeelTM is easier to use and remove than other liners – it is the ultimate solution.  Engineered to maintain product integrity, prevent leaks and be consumer convenient, this innovative sealing solution adds value to brands and distinguishes them from the competition.


We aim to meet your package sealing challenges through a culture of innovation. We work alongside our customers throughout the process, transforming clearly defined goals into innovative new products. Check out our recent developments and those in progress.

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Selig Group acquires MGJ

Selig Group Announces Acquisition of MGJ

Selig Group, owned by CC Industries (“CCI”), announced today that it has acquired Manufacture Générale de Joints (“MGJ”). Founded in 1947 and headquartered near Lyon, France, MGJ is a leading supplier of foam-based liners worldwide.

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Environmental Agenda Driving Changes in Induction Heat Sealing

Induction heat sealing has been around as a packaging sealing method for over 70 years. However, with the seismic shift to online purchasing driving induction heat sealing growth and environmental pressures increasing demand for simpler mono-materials, liner design is set to change again.

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Recyclable Flexible Packaging Trials Successful for Selig Flexibles

With the focus squarely on plastic packaging waste reduction, Selig Flexibles is working with clients to offer them more recyclable flexible packaging solutions. The company’s 84% recyclable flexible plastic packaging offering is being trialed in companies across Europe at present.

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